1.     What is StartupAmsterdam?

In short: A public/private action programme that helps Amsterdam be a leading startup hub in Europe.

Tell me more: The City of Amsterdam realised that, to play its part in the European tech ecosystem, it had to invest in the city’s vibrant startup scene. Local government teamed up with the startup community and drafted a plan of action: StartupAmsterdam. This plan was drafted around five pillars: capital, talent, launching customers, content and a more startup-minded environment, so 15 preliminary measures were drawn. StartupAmsterdam is a public/private initiative, with a time-span of four years to fortify the city’s position as leading startup hub in Europe, and increase the international visibility of Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem. Having started in 2015, we are well on our way. StartupAmsterdam works with an extensive network of partners and is happy to share its approach with other cities. Download the full programme.

2.     What is a startup?

In short: A young, innovative company that has the potential and ambition to grow fast.

Tell me more: A startup is a company that wants to innovate and dominate an industry, a market, or, most likely, the world. StartupAmsterdam focuses mainly on startups for which technology forms a fundamental part of their products and that have the ambition to achieve rapid international growth.

3.     What do you mean when you say ‘We’?

In short: We, the ecosystem, are StartupAmsterdam.

Tell me more: Startups and scale-ups across industries call Amsterdam their home. The City of Amsterdam is proud of its well-developed and diverse startup ecosystem which embeds these companies and the knowledge institutions, high-quality accelerators & incubators, startup academies, corporations and VC firms that help them grow. Together we are StartupAmsterdam.

4.     But what does StartupAmsterdam do, really?

In short: a lot!

Tell me more: StartupAmsterdam encourages (inter-)national startups and tech talent to establish links with Amsterdam and helps those already here to expand globally. Some examples of what StartupAmsterdam has done so far: established the Corporate Network and Launchpad Meetups to connect corporates and startups; helped launch startup academies like BSSA and the Growth Tribe Academy to educate the talent startups need; kickstarted Amsterdam Capital Week to connect startups to capital; brought coding classes into Amsterdam school curriculums; co-organised international startup bootcamps and founded a network of European startup cities: SCALE. To see all our initiatives, as well as those that we support, head over to the initiatives page.

5.   Is StartupAmsterdam part of StartupDelta?

In short: yes and no.

Tell me more: Amsterdam is one of the Dutch tech hubs that work closely together under the name of StartupDelta. StartupDelta has linked up the various innovation hubs in the Netherlands and helps position our country as one of the most attractive startup ecosystems in Europe. Whereas StartupDelta is a foundation working on a national level, StartupAmsterdam is a four-year action programme on a city level. The Dutch capital city is one dimension in the multi-faceted StartupDelta of Europe: the Netherlands.

6.   Can StartupAmsterdam invest in my startup?

In short: no, but...

Tell me more: StartupAmsterdam does not invest in individual startups. We help optimise the startup climate in the city, making sure all is in place for you to make a success of your startup. We realise how important capital is for any starting business, which is why we, amongst other things, initiated Amsterdam Capital Week. This week-long event in September features numerous events bringing together startups and different forms of capital. We also feature a number of articles on our website about the venture capital in Amsterdam. Follow us on social media to stay in the know of opportunities like Launchpad Meetups and Amsterdam Capital Week.

7.      Is StartupAmsterdam an incubator or accelerator?

In short: neither, but...

Tell me more: We did set up a governmental incubator called Startup in Residence. One of StartupAmsterdam’s measures details how local government can act as launching customer to startups. In collaboration with the CTO of Amsterdam we set up Startup in Residence: local government invites Dutch and international startups to devise innovative solutions to social issues in the city. To see an overview of other amazing incubators and accelerators in our city, go to this page.

8.      How do I start up in Amsterdam?

In short: just do it!

Tell me more: Although the soundest advice is simply to start rather than to read about starting, we have collected a number of resources to get you on your way. Visit our I am startup page to find the information you need and read our article “10 questions on starting up in Amsterdam”. If you are an international, make sure to check out IN Amsterdam and read up on the startup permit. Browse our website for information on things like office space and who to connect to – and don't forget to check the events that’ll help you be part of the community.

9.      How do I get my event on your calendar?

In short: this link.

Tell me more: The StartupAmsterdam website offers a complete calendar of all startup & tech events in Amsterdam. The calendar is open to all to upload startup events taking place in Amsterdam, just hit the “Submit Event” button. After we agree that your event is relevant to Amsterdam’s startup community, it will show up on the calendar!

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