Innovation Cities

This study ranks 500 cities around the world, measuring each city’s potential as an innovation economy at the current time. Amsterdam ranks seventh globally and third in Europe.

>> See 2ThinkNow: Innovation Cities Index Report 2015

Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking

This study ranks the top 20 startup ecosystems around the world along five major components: performance, funding, talent, market reach and startup experience. Amsterdam ranks 19th globally and fifth in Europe.

>> See Compass: The Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015

City Initiatives for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Report

This study provides city policymakers with a resource to help them develop policy initiatives that catalyse innovation and entrepreneurship in cities. Amsterdam ranks fifth globally and third in Europe.

>> See CITIE: City Initiatives for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Report 2015

European Innovation Scoreboard

The European Innovation Scoreboard 2016 gives an assessment of the innovation performance of the EU and of individual member states, as well as that of key international competitors. Its 25 indicators give a detailed analysis of their strengths and weaknesses on the basis of important innovation drivers − from research systems and public and private investment to the economic effects of innovation.

>> See EIS: European Innovation Scoreboard 2016

English Proficiency for Companies

This study evaluates English skills among the global workforce by measuring English proficiency levels in 70 countries and territories worldwide. The Netherlands ranks second, both globally and in Europe.

>> See English Proficiency for Companies Report 2015

Startup Heatmap Europe

Based on an online survey, ESI’s Startup Heatmap has collected data from 700 startup founders for insights into the desirability of European cities as startup locations.

>> See ESI - Startup Heatmap Europe 2016

IBM Global Location Trends

This study analyses the latest trends in corporate location selection around the world, as well as the degree in which countries and regions around the world are successful in attracting new business. Amsterdam comes third, both globally and in Europe.

>> See IBM: Global Location Trends Report 2016

Competitiveness Scoreboard

The IMD World Competitiveness Scoreboard ranks 61 economies; the Netherlands comes third.

>> See IMD – Competitiveness Scoreboard 2016

Mercer Cost of Living

Amsterdam is 64th in Mercer’s renowned Cost of Living Rankings.

>> See Mercer: Cost of Living Rankings 2016

Mercer Quality of Living

This study assesses quality of living conditions in 10 categories to help multinational companies and other employers fairly compensate employees when placing them on international assignments. Amsterdam ranks 11th globally and eighth in Europe.

>> See Mercer: Quality of Living Rankings 2016

Global Power Cities Index

This study evaluates and ranks the major cities of the world according to their ‘magnetism’, i.e. the comprehensive power that allows them to attract creative individuals and business enterprises from every continent and to mobilise their assets in securing economic, social and environmental development. Amsterdam ranks ninth globally and fourth in Europe.

>> See MMF: Global Power Cities Index Report 2015

PwC Cities of Opportunity

This study measures the performance of a range of global cities against a set of 10 indicators developed by PwC, which jointly provide a holistic view on how successful cities thrive in sustainable urban development and can remain competitive on the world stage. Amsterdam ranks fourth globally and second in Europe.

>> See PwC: Cities of Opportunity Report 2014

Global Innovation Index

This study looks at ‘effective innovation policies for development’ and shows new ways that emerging economy policymakers can boost innovation and spur growth by building on local strengths and ensuring the development of a sound national innovation environment. The Netherlands ranks fourth globally.

>> See WIPO: Global Innovation Index 2015

Global Information Technology Report

The Netherlands comes sixth in the Networked Readiness Index of this report.

>> See WEF - The Global Information Technology Report 2016

Innovation Capital of Europe

The European Commission awards the title of European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) to the European city that is building the best “innovation ecosystem” by connecting citizens, public organisations, academia, and business. Amsterdam won the 2016 award for its innovative approach to governance, economics, social inclusion, and quality of life.

>> See the European Commission iCapital report 2016

European Digital City Index

This study describes and benchmarks how well different cities across Europe support digital entrepreneurs, providing information about the strengths and weaknesses of local ecosystems. Amsterdam ranks fifth in Europe overall and appears in the top five spots for both startups and scale-ups, ranking third as a startup city and fifth as a scale-up city. 

>> See European Digital City Index 2016

Safe Cities Index

This index ranks the world's cities in terms of digital security, infrastructure security, health security and personal security. Amsterdam was ranked sixth place out of the 60 global cities on the index, scoring particularly well in digital security (fourth place) and infrastructure security (sixth place).

>> See Safe Cities Index 2017

Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index

The Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index (MMGPI) compares the retirement income systems of 27 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia. The Netherlands came in at second place overall.

>> See MMGPI 2017

ISi Smart City Index Report 

This index analyses how well different cities across the globe advance their smart city innovations through ICT. Thanks to Amsterdam's top-notch smart city programmes, the city is among the top performers.

>>See ISi Smart City Index Report 2017

Hubspot's European Tech Scene study

Hubspot gathered data on Europe's top five tech hubs: Amsterdam, London, Dublin, Berlin and Paris. Thanks to its high salaries, high standards of living, high chance of startup success and fast mobile-internet speeds, Amsterdam was named the Best European Tech City To Work In. 

>> See Amsterdam's ranking on Hubspot's European Tech Scene study