About Make IT Work

Make IT Work is an initiative of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences that launched in September 2015. The programme helps highly educated people without an IT-focused career history retrain for jobs in tech. So far, 360 people have participated and found new professional opportunities. 

About the courses

Make IT Work offers four professional tracks: cyber security, security specialist, software engineering and business, and data analytics specialist. The programme takes 11 months, which includes five months of full-time training followed by a six-month job placement for 40 hours a week.

The selection process includes an assessment of the candidate’s capacities and competence as well as employer meetups, which are organized four times each year. The next cohort is focused on the software engineering and security specialist tracks and fluency in Dutch is required. 

Cost: As a non-profit initiative, most fees are covered by participating companies

Application deadline: 25 September 2019

Starting date: 11 November 2019

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