About DataChangers

We have a huge shortage of data specialists. Therefore, we offer accessible courses with a pragmatic approach. We believe everyone, at any level, can make a change in this new world of data with passion and perseverance. We believe you can develop your own potential, so you can change yourself and make an impact. 

About the online course

DataChangers believes education should be available to everyone and its online courses are free, including all exercises and labs. For the certified Microsoft Professional Program, certain fees apply. However, the academy is flexible about payment options.

Cost: free (for online courses only)

Start date: anytime

Application deadline: always open

About other courses

DataChangers runs courses in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Students can choose data science and data analytics tracks that take five weeks, one year or a few days. Also, DataChangers is available for in-person and online training sessions. Get more information about Data Changers and its courses.

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