Startup visa in Amsterdam

'Scheme for startups' makes it easier than ever for new international startups to get a foot in the door of Amsterdam’s attractive startup ecosystem. Startups are invited to make the most of Amsterdam’s diverse, innovative and international business scene to nurture their ideas. The aim is for these startups to grow into established, mature businesses that enhance the already-stellar Dutch economy – in terms of job creation and economic growth.

The scheme is primarily targeted at entrepreneurs arriving from outside the European Union, and it is essentially a one-year residence permit for the Netherlands. The conditions of the scheme are as follows, but you can also read about them in more depth here:

  • The startup must work together with a trusted, experienced Netherlands-based mentor / facilitator
  • The startup must provide a service or product that is innovative
  • The startup entrepreneur has a (step-by-step) plan to develop their idea into a business
  • The startup entrepreneur and the facilitator are registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel)
  • The startup entrepreneur must have sufficient financial resources to reside and live in the Netherlands for one year

After the course of the year, the startup entrepreneur may be granted an extended residence permit – as long as they satisfy the standard requirements for the Dutch government’s self-employment scheme.

Additionally, opening a business bank account in the Netherlands is now easier thanks to the Quick Scan Dutch Business Bank Account. This allows banks to determine your eligibility to open an account in as little as five days if you’re working with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency or another facilitator.

The new Orange Carpet programme is also making it simpler to launch an innovative business in the Netherlands by removing some of the roadblocks that previously made the process more challenging and time-consuming.

Forms and more information

Startup entrepreneurs can apply for the scheme using the official application form, but the relevant information and evidence must be gathered before submission.