1: Legal forms of companies

  • Find a short introduction on legal forms of companies here.

  • Your choice of legal form will, among other things, determine aspects like liability and tax obligations. Ondernemersplein elaborates.

  • KVK, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, has published a detailed, highly useful online brochure on Starting a business.

2: Legal documents

  • Y combinator has open-sourced its sales agreement for startups and SAFE documents (‘simple agreement for future equity’), intended to replace convertible notes in most cases.

  • Capital Waters provides open-source legal model documents and other helpful resources as an initiative to help out the startup investment scene. 

  • Clerky helps you draft the legal paperwork of your startup. 

3: Taxes

4: The top 3 organisations to guide you through Dutch regulations

5: Our partners who can provide a soft landing

  • amsterdam inbusiness is the official foreign investment agency of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. It can support you in any phase of the development of your company.

  • IN Amsterdam is a one-stop-shop service to help international entrepreneurs and talent, companies and their highly skilled migrant employees, and international graduates settle in the Netherlands.

  • TechLeap offers accessible online business support and information.