Find a corporate as launching customer

Your next launching customer, lead user or early adopter could be one of Amsterdam’s powerful corporates in our Corporate Network. StartupAmsterdam helps corporates and startups connect to mutually benefit from each other’s prowess. You could also participate in a Launchpad Meetup. During a Launchpad Meetup, startups are invited to corporate headquarters to pitch their solution to a challenge faced by the corporate. Launchpad Meetups have proven to spark new collaborations and synergies. Successful editions have taken place, with hundreds of startups meeting KLM, Philips, USG People, Accenture, TomTom, ABN AMRO, Deloitte and others. Check out the upcoming Launchpad Meetups and sign up here.   

The city as launching customer with Startup in Residence

Could the City of Amsterdam be your launching customer? Startup in Residence is an innovative collaboration between the City of Amsterdam and startups. The programme invites Dutch and international startups to devise innovative solutions to Amsterdam’s social issues. Startup in Residence is a governmental incubator that lets you benefit from access to decision makers, the city’s network, business advice from experienced mentors and exclusive workshops on how to work with local government. Go to the Startup in Residence website to find out more.   

International startup bootcamps

Are you an international startup that is curious about your opportunities in Amsterdam? Or are you an Amsterdam-based startup ready for international expansion? StartupAmsterdam organises startup bootcamps to explore new markets, and we do it with partner startup organisations in tech hubs around the world to enable the exchange of knowledge and opportunity. The bootcamps are designed to help young, growing companies take their first step across borders. Participating startups are helped with market introduction and are offered advice on legal and cultural differences and marketing. Follow #SAbootcamps on social media and sign up for our newsletter to find out when the next bootcamp will take place.

Need help devising your internationalization strategy and finding clients abroad? DutchBasecamp can help you with that via their free workshops and expert sessions.     

Accelerators and incubators in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a wealth of accelerators and incubators. One of many benefits of joining an accelerator programme is the access it provides to launching customers. Through the networks of accelerators, such as Rockstart, Startupbootcamp, Collider and Plug&Play you can connect your business to potential customers around the globe. Specialised incubators such as Let it Grow (green innovation), Prodock (Port of Amsterdam) and Startup in Residence (City of Amsterdam) give you access to highly concentrated networks. Check out our page with all accelerators & incubators in Amsterdam or check the Startup Map.    


SCALE, the Startup City Alliance Europe, is a network of connected European startup organisations to make the European cities’ launching customer base and startup ecosystem accessible to startups across Europe. On the soon-to-be-launched open platform, startup teams will find information on a city’s startup ecosystem: relevant contact details, funding opportunities, investment networks, accelerators, mentor networks and exchange programmes. Stay tuned for further announcements!