StartupAmsterdam in brief

The StartupAmsterdam action programme was founded in 2015 by governmental bodies and entrepreneurs to devise a broad, cohesive policy focused on startups, scale-ups and initiatives that can accelerate their growth. 

Within a short few years, StartupAmsterdam launched and co-launched over 35 initiatives, supported numerous projects, events and campaigns, and generated momentum that put the city on the global map of startup hubs. It achieved this by leveraging ties with its many partners, which include accelerators, academic institutions, investors, large-scale companies and startup founders.

Having been extended for a new term (2019-2022) in January 2019, StartupAmsterdam is set to continue creating a well-functioning ecosystem – one that serves innovative companies wishing to grow sustainably – in continued collaboration with public and private stakeholders.

StartupAmsterdam’s five focus points for 2019-2022

1. Talent and diversity

Ensure there is a diverse talent pool available to work for Amsterdam’s fast-growing companies.

2. Emerging technologies

Respond to opportunities and challenges brought about by new technologies.

3. Internationalisation

Facilitate startups’ access to international markets to accelerate growth.

4. Content and networks

Offer relevant information, support quality events and facilitate meaningful connections.

5. Innovation districts

Link spatial development strategies in the city with fast-growing companies’ urgent need for office space. 

Hyper-connected tech city

Amsterdam is a centre of the European tech scene. It provides high-quality physical and digital infrastructure connections and long-standing international relationships, helping to build a tight startup community that optimises global opportunities. StartupAmsterdam is part of a community connecting startups, scale-ups, talent, corporates, investors, academia and government.

Amsterdam’s three primary advantages

When it comes to startups and scale-ups, Amsterdam has three unique advantages over other cities in Europe:

1)     Amsterdam has the continent’s best testbed, with an abundance of lead partners, launching customers and early adopters, as well as a diverse, open-minded population, of which a majority is fluent in English.

2)     It is a launchpad for startups and entrepreneurs, has connections to similar hubs around the globe and is home to one of the world’s best airports.

3)     It has a large talent pool. Not only does the city attract the best developers, marketers and data scientists from all over the world, it also educates them at places such as the Amsterdam Science Park, B.Startup School Amsterdam, Growth Tribe Academy, Codam and many others.

Things to know about Amsterdam’s startup & tech ecosystem


Is home to 1,200 startups and 128 scale-ups

Has 1,660 tech companies in total

Boasts five homegrown unicorns: Adyen, Takeaway,, TomTom and Elastic

Is the base of 315 foreign tech companies, including Uber, Netflix and Tesla

Offers more than 50 co-working spaces and hubs such as B.Amsterdam, Startup Village, Epicenter, Rent24 and TQ

Has more than 30 startup accelerators and incubators, such as Startupbootcamp, Rockstart, Techstars, ACE Incubator, Collider and Fashion for Good

Has more than 20 startup and coding academies that teach the next generation of professionals, including Growth Tribe Academy, Codam, Iron Hack, Codaisseur and Le Wagon

Has hosted approximately 2,000 tech and startup events in 2018 alone, including the TNW Conference, IBC, Money 20/20 and World Summit AI 

A few initiatives kickstarted and/or supported by StartupAmsterdam 


Global network of startup cities

Startup City Summit

Where leading city governments discuss the future of tech ecosystems

Startup in Residence

The City of Amsterdam’s startup incubator

Amsterdam Capital Week

Week-long event where founders and investors meet

IXA Next

A valourisation centre on a mission to create societal impact from university research

Amsterdam Venture Studios

Working spaces at Amsterdam’s university campuses contributing to the growth of new knowledge-intensive companies

Ready to Scale

A hands-on programme designed to boost companies’ growth


The growth platform for Dutch impact scale-ups

ASIF Ventures

Student-run investment fund and bridge between academia and the startup world

Startup Weekend Amsterdam

Where aspiring entrepreneurs build a startup in 54 hours