StartupAmsterdam in brief

StartupAmsterdam was founded by serial entrepreneurs and governmental bodies, and it represents the startup ecosystem of Amsterdam. The programme is a public / private initiative; collaboration between sectors is vital for its success. Together with its partners, such as accelerators, academic institutions, investors, large companies and startup founders, StartupAmsterdam creates a visible and coherent startup ecosystem. It encourages international startups and tech talent to establish links with Amsterdam and help those already in the city to expand globally. StartupAmsterdam focuses on startups that utilise technology as a fundamental part of their products and have the ambition to achieve rapid international growth.

Hyper-connected tech city

Amsterdam is centre-point of the European tech scene, upkeeping high-quality infrastructural connections, as well as long-standing international relations that help build a tight startup community that optimises global opportunity. StartupAmsterdam is part of a community connecting startups, scale-ups, talent, corporates, investors, knowledge institutions and government.

Amsterdam’s three advantages

When it comes to startups and scale-ups, Amsterdam boasts three advantages over other cities in Europe:

1)     It has the continent’s best testbed, with an abundance of lead partners, launching customers, early adopters and a diverse, open-minded population.

2)     It is a global launchpad with international connections to startup hubs around the world, a launchpad network and one of the world’s best airports.

3)     It has a large talent pool. Not only does the city attract the best engineers from all over the world, it also educates them – as illustrated by numerous initiatives, such as Amsterdam Science Park, Amsterdam Excellence Track and the B.Startup School.

Five fundamentals

StartupAmsterdam works on five essentials for startups to succeed:

Talent: make an abundance of startup and tech talent available.

Clients: ensure that startups have easy access to potential launching customers, corporate partners and first users.

Content: create Europe’s richest startup event calendar and mentor pool.

Capital: ensure that sufficient growth capital is available for promising startups.

Environment: offer a true startup environment that helps the startups grow and reach their full potential.

Based on these five pillars, StartupAmsterdam has drafted 15 measures to boost the Amsterdam startup ecosystem. The hands-on team works together with the various stakeholders in the startup community to validate and implement these measures. This co-operation with partners is essential to ensure the durability of the initiatives kick-started by StartupAmsterdam.

We invite you to explore

Our Frequently Asked Questions: it explains our relation to StartupDelta in more detail, as well as answering questions relating to what we do and whether we are incubator.

The highlights of the StartupAmsterdam Programme: BSSA, Coding for Amsterdam, international startup bootcamps, Startup in Residence.

The Corporate Partner Programme: with the Corporate Partner Programme, StartupAmsterdam encourages corporates to become more involved by connecting them to initiatives in the startup community that are relevant for their strategic goals.

The Launchpad Network: Corporates agree to act as launching customers, lead users or early adopters and to open up their network to help startups grow in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond. Several events are in place to spark these new connections.

Amsterdam Capital Week: Amsterdam Capital Week provides over 2,000 startups with access to over 500 investors in the last week of September. The week features events where angel investors, venture capitalists and funding events open their doors to startups.

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