Whether you seek capital, talent or connections abroad, StartupAmsterdam can point you in the right direction. Find support as you scale your company and take the first steps towards expanding into international markets.

Coaching, tips and advice

There are a few great starting points for your expansion, and DutchBasecamp is one of them. The not-for-profit social enterprise offers bootcamps, training and mentoring networks, providing startups with the right tools to successfully conquer new markets. Whether you need to build your internationalisation strategy from scratch, have prepared a strategy and want to validate it, or are ready to set up shop abroad, DutchBasecamp can provide coaching, trade missions and access to international networks. The non-profit has teamed up with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, meaning that if startups fulfil the requirements, they can get subsidised coaching to develop their internationalisation strategy. 

Help with scaling and international expansion can also be found in Amsterdam’s extensive network of accelerators, many of which offer sector-specific support for startups wanting to scale. For fast-growing tech-companies, TechLeap uses its strong ties with investors and local government to offer a range of useful resources, programmes and initiatives to help promising Dutch startups scale. 

Join a network of international ecosystems

Another unmissable institution for scale-ups in the making is SCALE.CITIES, an international network aiming to create a global city-to-city startup ecosystem. Member cities are represented by local ecosystem builders, who work together, share their networks and exchange valuable insights and best practices. Launched as the Startup City Alliance Europe (SCALE) by StartupAmsterdam and several partners in 2016, SCALE.CITIES facilitates knowledge and network sharing by way of personal meetings, international trips and internal correspondence and develops projects that benefit and promote all members’ startup ecosystems. Its SCALE.CITIES open portal is an invaluable resource of startup and scale-up-related news, opportunities and events - and its Scale Ecosystem map is a handy way to explore the ecosystem with themed heatmaps, comparison charts and a range of useful data.

Finding talent for your scale-up

The presence of highly skilled, internationally oriented talent is one of the principal reasons why the Amsterdam Area is the city of choice for many investors, international companies and startups, so there are plenty of options for hiring locally. And if you need to recruit international talent, there are various incentives and schemes for international employees and entrepreneurs. Highly skilled migrants – specialised employees coming to the Netherlands for a specific job – may qualify for a 30% tax ruling, and the orientation year permit allows international graduates one year to find work in the country. There are also organisations – such as IN Amsterdam – that help to lighten the administrative burden faced by internationals.

Making international connections

Taking part in a trade mission can create invaluable connections abroad and open up doors in ways that only personal contact can, whether it’s face-to-face or virtual. Amsterdam Trade organises trade missions and other events for businesses based in the Netherlands that want to scale internationally. Focussing on a range of sectors, countries and themes, these events provide insights and opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs at any stage of development.

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