About O3NL

O3NL is a mentor programme, that originates in the idea that a starting entrepreneur has a greater chance of success when having access to advice and guidance of a group of experienced mentors. The programme is based on and works together with MIT’s Venture Mentoring Service programme. O3NL stands for Enterprise, Support and Development (the triple o's of ondernemen, ondersteunen and ontwikkelen) in the Netherlands.


The topics you as an entrepreneur would want advice on vary greatly. The O3NL mentoring network can offer advice on development of products and services, to matters such as business strategy, sales and marketing, staffing issues, fundraising and financial planning.  A matching between entrepreneur and mentors is done according to the specific needs of the entrepreneur and the experience and interests of the available mentors.


There is a thrill to starting up, an important motive for most mentors to voluntarily offer their knowledge and time to startup founders. Being entrepreneurs themselves, founder or manager of a company, the mentors bring a variety of experience to the table. O3NL uses a careful selection process for mentors by collaborating with MIT’s Venture Mentoring Service, to ensure a high quality mentor network.
Experience and track record are taken into account, and to maintain objectivity in the mentor's support the mentor works on a voluntary basis.