Post your job in the right place

First things first. Get your job vacancies in front of Amsterdam’s thriving talent pool by listing them with these startup job boards and recruitment organisations. The I amsterdam job portal lists a wide variety of employment opportunities in English, while non-traditional hiring platforms like Honeypot allow startups to filter just the candidates who have the experience they’re seeking. And don’t forget your audience! Ensure that your recruitment ads are optimised for mobile, reflect industry-standard UX practices and follow a smooth application process.   

Recruit from academies

With digital technologies changing day by day, your startup needs talent that’s ahead of the latest developments. Amsterdam’s numerous startup and tech academies are working to keep up with high demand for growth hackers, coders, data scientists and AI professionals. Connect with these schools for access to enthusiastic graduates ready to enter the workforce.

Prioritise hands-on experience

The training programmes and online courses offered by innovative tech academies usually involve hands-on experience working for real services and solutions. If this is part of your recruitment strategy plan, there’s a good chance of finding a new team member who can hit the ground coding. It’s no surprise that recruiters for tech giants like Google and Microsoft are shifting their requirements away from traditional university degrees in favour of practical experience.

Join communities and events

Like most things in the business world, real-world contacts are key to finding talent of the right calibre. The startup world is a largely collaborative one, and this is especially true in Amsterdam where groups of entrepreneurs and professionals regularly come together to share ideas and talk tech. There are networking events and community groups for coders, developers, ‘ladies that UX’ and much more that will connect you with potential employees and business partners.

Look for new ways of recruiting

Amsterdam wouldn't be Amsterdam without coming up with new and creative solutions to attract tech talent. Hello Mentor is one example. Functioning as a learning community for tech talent, the platform links up tech students and recent graduates with professionals from SMEs and global market leaders in a mentorship programme, helping companies to strategically attract and retain talent. Troopl also offers a new approach, with a portfolio platform for web developers to showcase their work and be discovered by companies looking for the best emerging talent. Highly specific filters make searching the portfolios for the perfect fit a breeze.

Think global

The Netherlands has a variety of policies that help businesses with talent acquisition from outside of Europe. Amsterdam is rightfully regarded as a great location to live and work in, so international employees readily relocate to be part of the exciting startup ecosystem. To help make it simpler, initiatives such as the highly skilled migrant scheme allows employees who meet certain criteria to live and work in the Netherlands. There’s also the orientation year permit designed to help recent graduates to find a job or internship. IN Amsterdam (International Newcomers Amsterdam) can assist your organisation with these immigration procedures.

Compensate creatively

The best employers know that it’s not all about the salary. Startups in their early phases might struggle to compete with the pay scales offered by bigger companies. Remembering that there are other types of compensation not only levels the playing field but can keep employees happier over the long term. Flexible working hours, a share in the company’s profits, extra annual leave days or professional development opportunities can help potential employees to choose your company. This is reflected in Amsterdam’s office culture, which is open-minded and flexible. Working fewer than five days per week is commonplace, only 0.5% of people work more than 50 hours a week and the country is regularly listed as having the best work-life balance in the world.

Highlight what makes your startup special

Don’t forget to mention the many reasons that potential recruits will be excited to work for you. Do you have access to top-of-the-range technology? Do you collaborate with interesting companies? Do you employ (in your opinion) the best AI professionals on the planet? Ensure that your interviews, recruitment ads and corporate communications give a sense of your company culture. After all, a job within the Silicon Valley of Europe offers a lot to be excited about.

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