So, how can my Amsterdam-based startup leverage the Startup Map?

Before you've even created a profile for yourself, you can already start reaping the map's benefits by exploring the companies around you. The Amsterdam Startup Map will allow you to see which startups or scale-ups are on the same street or in the same building. And it opens up doors to more in-depth information on your competitors: who they are, what they do, who their investors are and even how many web visitors they get.

Thanks to the Startup Map, finding partner companies in Amsterdam has never been easier!  Let the map do all the work as it sifts through Amsterdam's entire startup ecosystem for companies that may be able to help you. Looking for analytics tools? The map can help. In need of a sales company? It can help with that, too. Need a co-working space or accelerator? You guessed it: the map's got you covered.

Most startups around the world find the investor demographic to be particularly elusive, but the Amsterdam Startup Map puts a stop to that, allowing startups to research an investor’s portfolio to determine whether they're a fit. It's not just Dutch investors, though; the map allows users to access investors from across the globe – along with their target market, target industry and recent rounds.

On top of that, map's “Investor finder tool” can match you with the right investors. Learn more about it here.

Why should I keep my startup’s data up to date

The map offers information based on company data, which helps it find similar companies and the appropriate industry funding. So by keeping your company profile up to date, you will receive information that's specific to your startup, its size and its particular needs. You can learn how much funding your competitors have received or the level of funding startups in your industry typically receive.

Putting Amsterdam aside for a second, having an updated profile on Europe's number-one startup dataset can get you noticed internationally, be it by press, potential customers or – of course – investors. After all, is a central dataset that tracks companies and investors around the world, and the data is used by over 500 companies, VCs and PE firms.

How do I keep my company’s profile up to date?

  1. Sign up for an account using Linkedin or your email address.

  2. During sign up, search for your company and add yourself to the map.

  3. Update information such as funding rounds, your business model, tags, other business information and news links. PS: When updating information, be sure to add your news links at the same time – this will enable the analysis to verify your information (otherwise it may be deleted.)

Get your startup on everyone's radar with the Amsterdam Startup Map!