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Attendees are looking for meaningful connections

One of the reasons people attend your event is to establish meaningful connections. But at events with upwards of 150 attendees, it can be hard to meet the right people – it’s a matter of hit or miss. As an event organiser, you can do several things to make networking efficient, easy and fun, boosting your event’s ROI.

Create more value for your attendees

So how can attendees manage to meet the right people when they are at an event with 150 visitors or more? At most events, it’s a matter of luck, or knowing others who can introduce you to the right people during networking drinks. For organisers, it takes quite some preparation to make the most out of the event, because it can be hard to find out who is attending the event and to set goals. But there is a huge opportunity by facilitating the networking in a more efficient and fun way. For example, you could accelerate the networking part by including speed dates, round tables, workshops and meet-the-speaker sessions in your event programme.

Create more value for your sponsors

The attendees of your event may be new clients, hires or partners for your sponsor. Investors are always on the lookout for startups to invest in and startups are in search for the right investor. By helping your sponsors get in contact with people that are of interest to them, you create extra value for them, on top of the exposure you generate. Matchmaking can be done easily with networking tools: there are many tools available for innovating and adding more value to the networking parts of your events.

Tools to facilitate effective networking

NetworkTables is an award-winning online seating tool that helps event organisers to facilitate roundtables, expert sessions, one-on-ones, workshops and dinners, while helping attendees to meet the right people. Participants choose sessions themselves, which saves organisers time and increases the turn-up rate.

If you are looking for further inspiration, browse through the Event App Bible. For the run-up to the event, check out Eventbrite, a commonly used tool for ticket registration, promotion and management of your event. There’s also, where you can create an event page and ticket registration system. 

Once the event has started, you can crowdsource topics and collect challenges from your audience with The app is a great tool for your facilitator as it also has features for live Q&As, polls and slides on any device. Mentimeter and Kahoot can be used for audience engagement during plenaries. And with Pathable, you can build a community around your event.