If you’re considering a whole new career in tech or just want to build on your current skillset, then now is a great time to invest in yourself. There are many training routes into Amsterdam’s tech scene starting this summer, with online tech courses ranging from quick bootcamps to in-depth, kickstart-your-career academies, and including remote, in-person or hybrid options. Some courses are free, but if you need help with financing one of the paid classes, then check out TechMeUp, which provides loans and resources for reskilling courses.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

A full-time remote bootcamp by Ironhack, running over 12 weeks. The course requires no IT background and prepares participants for a career in cybersecurity, with three modules including basics, real-world projects and deep-dives on methodologies.

28 June-17 September | apply

Data Analytics Bootcamp

Ironhack’s full-time data analytics bootcamp runs over nine weeks and equips participants for a career in the field, with an introduction to Python, intermediate data analytics and the principles of machine learning. Part-time options (across 24 weeks) are also available.

31 May-30 July | 9 August-8 October | apply

Data Science Essentials: Applied Optimisation

This is the fifth module of multi-part course on data science by the Analytics Academy. Taught online with Microsoft Teams, it runs in four-hour slots over four Tuesdays in June and teaches practical and hands-on modelling skills to conduct data science projects for optimisation problems. Python programming skills are required.

8-29 June | apply

Front-end Development

This remote part-time programme front-end development course at Wild Code School includes learning to develop interactive websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and taking a React development project to completion. Students also receive employability coaching and support in finding job opportunities. Wild Code School also offer a part-time course in product management (13 September-11 February, €4500) and a full-time course in web development (1 June-5 November and 13 September-11 February, €6500). Early-bird booking discounts apply.

1 June-5 November | apply

Full stack JavaScript Academy

Taught on-site with online class options, this 11-week full-time course by Codaisseur teaches participants how to code in JavaScript, the most widely used programming language. Codaisseur’s ‘no cure, no pay’ policy means students pay an initial admissions fee upon application. The remainder of the tuition fee is paid once they graduate and find employment, with future employers covering the tuition in most cases. If students don’t graduate or don’t get hired within five months, the tuition fee will be waived.

30 August-29 October | 20 September-19 November | 11 October-17 December | enrol

Hack Your Future

This free seven-month course is aimed at motivated people – no tech background required – who want to start a career in web development, who have faced challenging circumstances in their lives and who may have limited access to education and the labour market. It includes the fundamentals of full-stack web development, with a focus on modern JavaScript.

Application deadline 15 July | apply

Machine Learning & AI

This three-day course at Techionista, a Microsoft Azure Certified Machine Learning & AI track, has students work with machine learning & AI models in the Azure Cloud while working on three business cases. More classes are available later in the year. Techionista also offers a more extensive Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI retraining track, available both full- and part-time.

2, 3 & 6 September | apply

Power BI Training for Marketers

This two-day workshop by Techionista is aimed at people working in marketing who analyse and visualise data from different marketing sources.

19 & 20 May | 14 & 15 June | enrol

Summer iOS Bootcamp

The Amsterdam-based App Academy offers a mobile app development bootcamp where you can learn how to create, test and deliver apps. Tailored to mid-career professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to realise an app idea, the full-time course runs over eight weeks. Build up your coding skills and learn the tools, frameworks and best practices used in the industry.

31 May-23 July | apply

UX Design

This 12-week course by GrowthTribe runs from 1 June to 17 August and features six to 10 hours of study a week. In live online classes, interactive workshops and four one-on-one sessions with their mentor, participants learn how to be a well-rounded UX designer, create products that users love and get ready for the job market. The course is tailored to digital professionals, but no design experience is necessary.

1 June-17 August | enrol

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