The last few weeks have seen some of the biggest names in Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem secure funding. MessageBird and Mollie raised enough to push their worth past the €1 billion mark, turning them into unicorns. Other young companies are also faring well despite the challenging climate.

€350,000 for speech tech aimed at lightening the load of healthcare workers

Hot off a presentation at Smart Health Amsterdam’s digital booth at TNW2020, Attendi raised €350,000 in seed capital from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency to develop its speech technology. By allowing healthcare professionals to spend less time on clinical reporting and administration, it will help them focus more on their patients. 

Vegetarian meat brand set to go global with €350,000 in seed capital

Karma Shoarma is one step closer to its goal of becoming the biggest kebab brand in the world – with a purely vegetarian product. Brave New Food is supplying €350,000 in seed capital after the startup won the Horeca Innovation Award and became a finalist at Amsterdam Foodpitch 2020. The company, which started as a festival food truck, plans to use the money to expand across the Netherlands and into Germany. 

Online SME bank Finom increases recent funding haul to almost €17 million

Finom provides online financial services for SMEs, freelancers and the self-employed across Europe, and has secured €10.3 million in a Series A investment round after raising €6.5 million last April. Investors include Target Global (Germany), Cogito Capital (Poland) and Entree Capital (Israel). This infusion will allow the company to extend its licensed activities, develop new products and enter new markets such as Poland, Spain, Austria and Switzerland.

AI-centric startup Worksuite gets €500,000 from angel investor

While the details remain unclear as of press time, Worksuite has received €500,000 from an angel investor. The company’s SaaS platform supports those seeking to incorporate AI into their businesses. While providing a development framework, the platform also gives clients access to 1,500 data experts who specialise in everything from strategy to execution. 

Out to reinvent wholesale, Orderchamp procures seed capital from sector experts

Orderchamp – which connects brands with the right sales channels, helps retailers discover unique products and offers a streamlined payment system – has raised an undisclosed amount of seed capital. The platform has already connected over 15,000 retailers and roughly 1,000 brands and will use the funding to expand global operations in partnership with industry experts such as Stefan van den Berg, the former owner and CEO of AfterPay.

Smart marketing assistant for hotels raises €260,000 in seed funding 

Userguest is an AI-powered notification tool that helps hotels boost revenue through customised notifications that aim to increase the odds of a potential customer completing the booking process. The company is receiving €260,000 in seed funding from CDG Invest’s 212 Founders programme, which it will use to fast track its growth and help small hotels compete with big players like Expedia.

Invoice-to-cash specialist Factris receives €5 million in a Series A funding round

Fintech startup Factris helps SMEs by turning their invoices into cash in 24 hours to create instant capital. Earlier this year, the company boosted its own capital thanks in part to a €50 million financing agreement. Recently, it also closed a €5 million Series A equity funding round led by AB Ventures, which is part of Arab Bank. The company will use the capital to expand its operations and reach. 

Electric bike innovators VanMoof raises over €33 million in face of rising demand

E-bike maker VanMoof raised €33.7 million in a Series B funding round led by Norwest Venture Partners, Felix Capital and Balderton Capital. This comes just months after VanMoof received another €12.5 million investment. It will use the capital to meet increased demand, which has surged as people seek new forms of transport in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Developers of personalised cell therapy receives an additional €94 million

Cell therapy offers a way to tackle some of the most difficult blood cancer cases. However, these treatments, which are engineered from a patient’s own immune cells, don’t yet work on solid tumours. Neogene Therapeutics is out to change that and just received €94 million in a Series A funding round to advance its research to include human clinical testing. The round was co-led by EcoR1 Capital, Jeito Capital and Syncona.

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