Discussing the future of startups in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Pakhuis de Zwijger recently hosted Startup Table, three talks focused on young companies in the city region. The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has impacted many startups in the capital and has often made it challenging to secure funding. Some of the most pressing issues resulting from the outbreak were discussed during the talks, which were held in Dutch.

Donut startup – The first gathering in the series centred on startups involved in the donut economy, which aims to help people thrive in balance with the planet. The speakers discussed the challenges of surviving the startup phase during an outbreak and how to prevent the energy generated by these young companies from being lost.

The wonderful world of AI – At the second event, the speakers talked about high-tech startups, the presence of Dutch companies in the AI sector and what ideas and developments they are generating. They also looked at how entrepreneurs can survive the crisis and keep this important industry moving forward.

Young ambition – Budding entrepreneurs were the focus of the third and final event. The expert speakers discussed how young people with drive can start a business, and the role banks, the government and even their families might play in getting things off the ground.

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Help and support for startups

Though the virus has created a difficult business climate, help and support is available. The Dutch government recently contributed an additional €300 million to a fund that provides bridging loans for startups and applications are open until 1 October. There are also other means of support available to businesses and individuals.

Some startups have also grown and procured new funding despite the crisis. Payments company Mollie became a unicorn (a company valued at more than €1 billion) when it received a €90 million investment and smart education platform Kimo raised €1.25 million to help it expand and grow.

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