Finding ways to live safely in the wake of an outbreak

As Amsterdam begins opening up after a lockdown due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Marineterrein Living Lab – which provides a real-world setting for developing, testing and applying solutions to urban issues – has launched the New Normal Challenge

Marineterrein Living Lab is partnering with several organisations for the scheme, including StartupAmsterdam and the City of Amsterdam. It focuses on finding ways of safely enjoying the Marineterrein Amsterdam, a former military site which now features a public recreation area, and includes three challenges: 

  • Reopening restaurants and cafés: How can eateries on the Marineterrein reopen safely and adapt to changing governmental regulations?
  • Safe use of public space: How can people safely access and enjoy the public areas at the Marineterrein, particularly during the summer months, when the area sees a surge in popularity?
  • Leverage for lasting change: How can the coronavirus crisis be used to support lasting change and a move toward greater sustainability in Amsterdam? 

Marineterrein safe dining

Diners enjoy a socially-distanced meal at Mediamatic, near the Marineterrein, in what may be a safe solution for local restaurants

Submit ideas for the challenge

Startups, entrepreneurs and anyone else with an idea for the challenge is welcome to enter. Proposals can include social, behavioural, technological and spatial solutions and must be submitted by 19:00 on 5 June.

A shortlist of applicants will be invited to share their idea in a pitch session on 10 June. Please click here for more information or read the latest startup news from around Amsterdam.