Sharing knowledge and information during the outbreak

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has created a challenging business environment, particularly for startups that can’t readily access what they need to grow and scale. Fortunately, different companies and organisations are offering free help and support. 

  • Techleap has launched Office Hours, an online Q&A session with experienced leaders who share insights on handling an uncertain economy and any arising crisis situations.


  • Consultancy firm PNO is holding webinars and giving advice on weathering the epidemic, as is the accountancy KPMG.


  • Amsterdam Capital House will launch online programmes and sessions focused on human, social and financial capital in the coming months.


  • Boostz, a business networking company, is hosting a free webinar (in Dutch) about the various forms of assistance available in the Netherlands.


  • The Survival Challenge connects companies in need with entrepreneurship and business students at the UvA who will help with things like devising new revenue streams and cutting costs.

Helping startups access funding and advice

Accessing funding and connecting with investors is vitally important for startups, but difficult during an outbreak when in-person meetings and events have been cancelled. Assistance is available though, and many gatherings have moved online. Various organisations are also sharing professional advice that can help with everything from accessing government support to finding talent.

  • Venture capital fund ASIF Ventures has launched a form to help connect companies with investors. Startups from any industry may use the form, regardless of their business model or growth stage.


  • StartupRoulette is helping young companies get in touch with venture capital investors through online speed dates.


  • Leapfunder is holding online roundtables that connect startup founders with angel investors in a casual setting, and it’s also offering free 30-minute phone calls to discuss funding strategy.


  • Penrose, an Amsterdam-based law firm, has launched a phoneline for SMEs that have been impacted by the virus. It provides advice and help completing forms required to obtain government assistance.


  • Venture capital firm Antler has dedicated $500,000 in funding to helping startups focused on fighting the outbreak succeed.


  • Peak Capital is hosting ‘ask me anything’ and ‘office hours’ phone calls each month, where members of the startup ecosystem can access guidance on pressing topics, like furthering their growth. 

Experienced professionals who want to advise startups on coping during the outbreak can reach out to MKB Digital Workspace, which is seeking volunteers. Resilience, Right Now is a new coalition that’s also offering help and encouragement.

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