Assessing the diversity of startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands

The Dutch Startup Association – which was founded in 2017 and is based in Amsterdam – released a new report focused on diversity and inclusion. The report was created using the results of a survey that was completed by 226 participants from 121 companies. Various forms of diversity were taken into consideration, including gender, age, education, religion and Dutch language proficiency. 

Though the report revealed that startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands are making progress, it also showed that they still have a long way to go. Only 38% of survey respondents were women or non-binary and 70% were white. However, 89% of participating startups were found to have at least one diversity measure in place.

Other key findings from the survey include:
• Just over 60% of participants are native speakers of Dutch
• Male employees are more likely to hold equity in companies
• Male employees – and Caucasian employees of all genders – have a greater sense of belongingness at their companies

Making the future of tech companies more diverse

To help startups and scale-ups become more diverse in the future, the Dutch Startup Association feels additional research is required. The organisation plans to conduct the survey yearly and believes businesses must work to uncover biases that limit diversity.

Additionally, it believes that companies should develop “concrete goals” regarding diversity and hold themselves accountable for meeting them. With the help of Young Global People and The Next Women, the association has also launched the Diversity & Inclusion Desk, a support centre that will provide advice and assistance to encourage diversity.

The aims of the Dutch Startup Association also align closely with StartupAmsterdam’s Talent and Diversity pillar, which centres on encouraging women and people with a migrant background to pursue careers in tech.

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