Venture capital helps startups achieve their dreams

Even the hottest startups need the financial support to achieve their goals and realise their dreams. However, the competition to procure funding can be fierce, and making connections with the right people and organisations is not always easy to get right. But Amsterdam and the Netherlands offer some great opportunities for young companies looking for backers who believe in what they do. With their help, it’s it easier to secure the support needed for growth and scaling up.

Bringing founders, entrepreneurs and venture capital together

Guided by a desire to support burgeoning, early-stage and mature founders, Amsterdam Capital House (previously Amsterdam Capital Week) provides a valuable connection to funding. They have been bringing together founders, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to create a closer ecosystem since 2015. The upcoming edition takes place next week from 23 to 25 September 2019. Participants will enjoy access to more than two dozen events designed to help them form lasting connections with investors. With the aim of encouraging the entrepreneurs shaping the future, this edition will focus not only on financial capital but also on human and social capital. Leading companies from a variety of industries will serve as partners, including Google, BMW and Rabobank.

Breaking down gender and background barriers

Access to funding is challenging even for well-connected startups, but preconceptions about gender and background can create additional hurdles. Over 30 Dutch venture capital investors are facing this issue head-on and have signed a new initiative known as Fundright. Aiming to provide equal access to funding, Fundright promotes diversity as a means of improving performance. Participating investors must have a high percentage of female team members and focus on investing in businesses co-founded by women. In addition, those who’ve signed on to the initiative will only serve as speakers or jury members for events with a significant level of diversity.

Equal access for women

The issues faced by women in the startup world is being addressed by other organisations as well. Founded in 2009, TheNextWomen believes diverse teams are more innovative and produce better ideas. It aims to provide female professionals, founders and investors with access to capital, networking opportunities and knowledge, helping their ideas and ventures to thrive. The organisation also aims to provide a platform for women investors to jointly invest with the goal creating a worldwide movement of progress-driven leadership. By helping women secure equal investments, representation and power, it furthers the creation of successful and inclusive companies.

Alternative options

Though many options for procuring capital and support require considerable time spent at meetings, workshops and events (and often for good reason), there are other possibilities. For instance, Fundsup brings together companies and investors through an app, breaking down the barriers that have long made the process time-consuming and complicated. Participants are pre-screened and the app provides tailored introductions, minimising the risk of meeting someone who isn’t a good fit for whatever reason.

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