Encouraging employees to volunteer

Amsterdam-based startup Deedmob is rapidly growing into the go-to online destination for connecting volunteers and charities. The young team of six, currently representing 850,000 volunteers, intends to turn their community into the biggest force for doing good in the world, with a main objective of enabling us all to “do good, better”. The startup has observed that more and more companies want to become involved with volunteering, so it's aiming to lead the way. 

Another great Corporate Network result

It looks like Deedmob is on to something – if the startup’s impressive client base is anything to go by, which it totally is. Current clients include Microsoft, Red Bull and Atlassian. Talk about massive names! And plans to expand to the UK, US, Germany and France this year suggest Deedmob is only continuing to grow. In fact, the company partnered up with logistics giant UPS in November 2017, thanks to the StartupAmsterdam Corporate Network.

At the beginning of 2018, the UPS management team traded in a typical day at the office for a day of good deeds – all in collaboration with the Eindhoven Food Bank. Responsibilities included asking grocery shoppers to purchase non-perishable food products, such as canned beans or tomatoes, which were later donated to a local food bank. Sounds rewarding, right? If you're interested in finding out what Deedmob could offer your team – or if you simply want to find volunteering opportunities nearby – check out Deedmob.

“At UPS, we're ambitious in the field of CSR; this is why Deedmob is a great partner for us,” said UPS country HR manager Özge Yilancioglu Erol. “It's a very promising startup that operates in a professional manner. After only two months of cooperation, we've managed to organise some of the most inspiring activities to date."

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