Although it's now no longer running, the Coding for Amsterdam programme aimed to introduce coding to pupils in Amsterdam's primary schools. Coding is undoubtedly one of the most crucial skills to have in our ever-growing digital age. Preparing children now means they will face fewer obstacles when they finally hit the job market. Teaching children how to code will create a strong tech talent pool – a pool that is essential for startups, scale-ups, corporates and innovation in general.

Coding for Amsterdam's phases

The programme featured two phases. During the first phase, all primary schools were offered an introductory coding lesson from a guest lecturer. Schools chose one of the methods themselves, to better suit the needs of the students and increase the chance of successful adoption.

During the second phase, participating schools carried on with the coding lessons. Also, StartupAmsterdam offered workshops for teachers to introduce them to relevant teaching materials and lesson plans. This inspired the teachers to get started on teaching children to code, as well as motivated their fellow colleagues.

The results

Since Coding for Amsterdam launched in 2016, over 80 primary schools joined the programme, meaning about 2,400 children have taken part. In addition, StartupAmsterdam co-organised digital skills workshops for almost 160 teachers. 


To realise the Coding for Amsterdam programme, StartupAmsterdam worked with partners who had an impressive track record in coding education, including Bomberbot, New Tech Kids, ITRandsteden and CodeUur (Dutch link). The ABN AMRO Foundation sponsored the programme with manpower and by ensuring that the basic requirements for coding lessons were met at schools; for example, they donated over 1,200 laptops.

More information

Although the programme under StartupAmsterdam has ended, the activities have been taken over by the FutureNL Foundation, which still provides free workshops in IT skills and digital literacy for teachers and Code Hours for kids.

For further information, please contact Coding for Amsterdam’s coordinator, Iris Muis at [email protected].