B. Startup School Amsterdam

B. Startup School Amsterdam (BSSA) is a collaboration between Manpower, B. Amsterdam and StartupAmsterdam. Since January 2016, BSSA has taught hundreds of students the essential skills they need to kick-start their careers in the startup scene. The programme creates a pool of Javascript developers, UI/UX designers, digital innovators, blockchain developers, growth hackers and digital-content creators. All the courses and programmes are taught by renowned training institutes, such as Hyper IslandB9lab and The Talent Institute.

Startups can offer a traineeship to BSSA students and partake in matchmaking events. So far, the results have been remarkable. Floris van Hoogenhuyze from startup Barqo – a boat-sharing platform – was one of the first to work with a BSSA trainee. “We are so happy with the quality and enthusiasm of our trainee,” said Van Hoogenhuyze. “I would recommend this programme to anyone looking for trainees who go the extra mile.’’ 

Ines Danzinger from Innoleaps – an innovator and accelerator for corporates – felt the same way about their trainee: “He is one of the most independent, proactive and creative people I’ve worked with. After only a very brief explanation of our project, he had three high-quality deliverables ready that same day. This pushed us forward immediately.”

Youth un(der)employment

At the time of drafting the StartupAmsterdam action programme, skills of underemployed and unemployed graduates didn’t match the profiles desired by startups. Although there were enough jobs, rates of higher-educated un(der)employed graduates were rising. By training graduates and improving their ICT skills, BSSA makes sure the lack of talent doesn’t slow down the growth of Dutch startups, helping to combat unemployment rates.

B. Amsterdam

B. Building Business is the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe. It is a creative workspace for innovation, education and growth that is building a bridge between startups, creatives and corporates. The initiative sets up ways for these stakeholders to connect with, learn from and grow with one another. Becoming part of the B. community means unbounded access to the right spaces, toolsets, knowledge and social environment to improve business in the most productive ways possible. B. brings entrepreneurship within everyone’s grasp.

B. Building Business has two buildings, B.1 and B.2 – with B.3 opening its doors very soon. This year, B. will also open a building in New York, where they will develop a similar educational platform, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Read more about the opening of B. New York.

The best part? B. Startup School Amsterdam is funded by a government subsidy and an industry-paid scholarship fund. Meaning: if you fit the criteria, your tuition will be covered.

Take control of your own professional future, and get involved with BSSA.