Providing a soft landing package

Since the start of the action programme, Amsterdam has signed Memorandums of Understanding with New York, Paris, Milan and Lisbon agreeing to support one another’s entrepreneurial ecosystems. Thanks to these memorandums, StartupAmsterdam has developed partnerships with local startup organisations in these cities to organise startup bootcamps that enable the exchange of knowledge and opportunity.

The bootcamps are designed to help young, growing companies gain valuable information from experts, lead users and peers on a soft landing – helping the startups learn how to expand and scale their companies internationally. A bootcamp typically includes:

  • workshops on soft landing in that particular city (including advice on legal/ recruitment/ financial practices);

  • networking opportunities and one-on-one meetings with local launching customers and organisations;

  • business development and Marketing/PR sessions;

  • pinning down cultural differences;

  • (investor) pitching opportunities;

  • visiting a selection of innovation/startup hubs, incubators and accelerators.

During these intensive multiple-day bootcamps, international startups are introduced to the knowledge and connections they need to enter the Dutch market from Amsterdam. Vice versa, Amsterdam-based startups are invited to join bootcamps organised by StartupAmsterdam with local partners in partner cities, such as New York and Paris.

Amsterdam's startup scene

When asked about their experiences, the international startups that were introduced to Amsterdam expressed that they were surprised at how lively, active and fast-growing the startup community was in the city. After participating in the NYC2Amsterdam bootcamp in May 2016, translation platform Motaword and video app Dynamite Labs were so impressed by Amsterdam’s multilingual labour pool and international character that they have since announced plans to open an office in the city. Startup Shoptiques was introduced to Amsterdam-based Parcel International for their logistic needs, and – after striking up a deal –  Shoptique now has a presence in the Netherlands.

If you’re a Dutch startup interested in taking part in an international bootcamp like the ones described above, follow StartupAmsterdam on Twitter to get the latest info first.