Startup academies in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s startups and scale-ups need talented individuals to sustain their ever-increasing growth. The city attracts the best talent from all over the world, with numerous initiatives investing in even more skilled workers. Explore the best startup and tech academies Amsterdam has to offer, and become the next big hire every startup craves.

Academies that will make you a startup star

Always be learning

Always be learning helps companies get a better understanding of their customers. Join their training sessions and learn how to gather customer insights with hands-on UX research methods, tools and processes.

Amsterdam School of Data Science

The Amsterdam School of Data Science platform is a collaboration of UvA, HvA, VU and CWI, offering over 250 innovative data science courses for startups and graduates interested in tech and ICT.

The Analytics Academy

The Analytics Academy offers end-to-end education solutions in data science and business analytics. The academy is aimed at organisations in the commercial and non-profit sector. Become big-data ready with this tech-savvy startup programme.

The App Academy

The App Academy is for professionals and students who want to improve their coding skills, offering innovative iOS and Android bootcamps in Amsterdam.


B. Startup School Amsterdam

BSSA is bridging the skill gap, preparing recent graduates for what businesses in the tech industry and beyond have been asking for all along. The intensive full-time course and six-month traineeship will train the students in UI/UX, growth hacking, digital innovation or digital-content creation.


Codaisseur is a coding academy that offers participants a fast route to becoming a junior developer. The academy is on a mission to bridge the gap between companies and developers, adding to the startup ecosystem and talent pool.


Codam – based in the heart of Amsterdam – is a coding school that does things a little differently, adopting a peer-to-peer learning system instead of the traditional teacher model. No prior experience is needed, but only students aged 18 to 30 can enrol. It's open 24-7 and the curriculum is completely gamified, based on experience points and levels. 



Decoded was founded on the belief that technology is for everyone. The company’s  innovative programmes – such as Code_in a Day, Hacker_in a Day and Blockchain Unlocked – empower startups with a core understanding of the ins-and-outs of the tech products we all use. Since 2011, the academy has taught over 15,000 professionals in over 70 cities globally.



DELITELABS is a startup school that helps aspiring international entrepreneurs develop and realise their own professional projects, sparking their entrepreneurial spirit. 


Growth Tribe Academy 

Growth Tribe Academy – Europe’s first growth hacking academy – teaches recent graduates the art and science of growth hacking via intense workshops. Participants will work in growth teams and embark on a three-month internship at a startup.

Hack Your Future

Hack Your Future’s innovative six-month programme offers training to refugees with no coding experience, giving them the opportunity to grow into fully fledged software engineers.

Hyper Island

Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in our increasingly digitised world. The Amsterdam-based startup academy is a collaboration with BSSA.



Ironhack is a full- and part-time web development and UX/UI design bootcamp with 8 campuses worldwide. Its customised approach allows participants to shape their experience based on personal goals. Graduates of the web development programme will learn technologies such as HTML5 & CSS3, ES6, and MEAN Stack, while the UX/UI course covers topics such as design thinking, interaction architecture, interaction design and design systems using Sketch and InVision.

Knowmads Business School 

Knowmads is a creative business school in Amsterdam. The academy offers a six-month co-creative learning journey for students who are ready to explore the positive difference they can make in the world. The ultimate goal is to empower and inspire these students to become makers of change.


Le Wagon

This full-time nine-week developer programme – focussed on Ruby on Rails – brings technical skills to creative people, giving them best of both worlds.


Neuromarketing firm Neurofied combines science with art, using insights from neuro-, consumer, cognitive and behavioural psychology to help other businesses work more efficiently, and teams work more effectively.

Nomad MBA

The Nomad MBA exists for those who dare to challenge the traditional roadmap for success and pursue careers with a deep sense of purpose. Each three-month programme brings together handpicked young professionals to travel to inspiring destinations as an elite community, while completing premium online courses and workshops to learn the in-demand skills and entrepreneurial mindset to upgrade their careers in the digital age.

The Talent Institute  

The Talent Institute is a seven-month theory-and-traineeship programme for recent graduates. The academy offers a range of competencies that are essential to those working at startups, including skills in design, experimentation and growth. 


Team Academy 

Team Academy is a four-year programme that leads to an accredited BBA in Entrepreneurship, giving students the opportunity to “learn by doing” through working in self-managed teams. Participants must set up real-life companies at the start of their studies, working on real projects for real clients.


Venture Mentoring Program (Ahti)

Venture Mentoring Program is tech startup academy by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The programme, which utilises knowledge from ventures past and present, focuses on the fundamental and practical aspects of starting, growing and maintaining an ICT company.