What do you do?

We are the community of over 14,000 entrepreneurial teenagers and students who are building products and startups. We organise events, connect the community to resources and facilitate online networking.

Who is / are your target group(s)?

Dutch teenagers and students who are working or studying in tech, media and marketing – most will have their own company. The current members have the following traits: 30% are engineers, 20% are designers, 72% are company owners and 55% are studying a bachelor or master’s degree –  with 30% studying in a technical field.

What kind of (corporate) partner are you looking for?

We're looking for long-term strategic partners that want to support and connect to this talented community. The focus is on national big players with their headquarters in Amsterdam. We are also looking for smaller NGO's and public organisations. We currently work with partners such as Capgemini, ING, KLM and the KvK.

Why do you want to partner up? / what do you need?

We are looking for great content partners: companies that can offer knowledge and services to the community. There is a lack of resources (knowledge, coaching, funding, experience) in the community – resources that many companies can offer in a scalable way.

What can you offer to partners?

We partner up for six months or longer in a tailor-made set of activities, events (also on location), recruitment and consultancy on how to approach and work with young talents. Example events include Masterclasses (content-events at your office with a recruitment focus), Hackathons and other innovation-focused events.

Contact Young Creators

[email protected]