What is it?

StartupAmsterdam is not an accelerator and does not invest in startups. Here’s our story.

The vision

A couple of years ago, the City of Amsterdam teamed up with the tech sector to strengthen its ecosystem and invest in creating a vibrant startup scene. So, in 2015, the local government – together with 250 stakeholders – committed to an ambitious new initiative: StartupAmsterdam. Download the StartupAmsterdam action programme

StartupAmsterdam is a four-year public/private initiative with the goal of fortifying and showcasing Amsterdam's startup ecosystem and the initiatives that facilitate connection. When we say “ecosystem”, we mean: startups, scale-ups, local & international tech talent, accelerators/incubators, co-working spaces, startup/tech academies, corporates, investors, research institutions, universities, governmental bodies and even other startup cities. StartupAmsterdam’s ultimate goal is to unify all these players, amplify their voices and bring Amsterdam’s narrative to the global arena, positioning the city as the centre point of the European startup and tech scene.

The work

At its conception phase, our plan consisted of fifteen measures based on five basic requirements (pillars) for startups to grow: access to capital; access to talent; access to launching customers; access to content; and a startup-minded environment.


Some of these 15 measures exist till this day, but – naturally – in some cases we had to pivot. Nonetheless, the five pillars remain and continue to shape StartupAmsterdam’s ongoing activities. To learn which initiatives have been kickstarted by StartupAmsterdam so far and which initiatives have our full support, please check this page.

Your guide, partner and facilitator

StartupAmsterdam’s hands-on team work together with various stakeholders in the startup community to validate and implement its measures.

We’re here for anyone who’s interested in setting up a business in Amsterdam, finding an accelerator or co-working space, landing a job in tech or enrolling in a startup academy. Of course, we also have resources for anyone who wishes to explore Amsterdam's startup events or find fellow startups and investors.

Whether you’re looking to raise capital, find your first customer or simply stay up-to-date with what goes on in the ecosystem, StartupAmsterdam is your one-stop shop.

If you'd like to connect to our initiatives, ask a question or offer feedback, please don’t hesitate to email us at startup@amsterdam.nl.