Fifty startup and tech talks (keynotes, office hours, workshops) held in Amsterdam throughout the year. International exposure through video being uploaded online.

Approach: a brand and format that makes Amsterdam the first port of call for specific speakers (entrepreneurs, programmers, tech specialists, experts). Recordings of the talks go viral via YouTube and position the organisers (e.g. accelerators) and Amsterdam as (part of) a startup city.


Amsterdam accelerators and incubators currently organise in excess of 500 events a year. StartupAmsterdam plans to elevate 50 of these events and organise video registration driven by the StartupAmsterdam brand.

Based on projects such as Talks@Google, TED and Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner.

The programme team is responsible for video content management, hosted on a separate YouTube channel. Visitors can also view the videos on the StartupAmsterdam portal.

The programme team plays a facilitating role. Planning of content and speakers is conducted in collaboration with the various accelerators and incubators.


Improve visibility and position of Amsterdam as a startup hub. Also improve skills and expertise of Amsterdam startups.

Relevant performance indicators:

  • pi: % international startups choose Amsterdam (of the total that establish operations in Europe). Amsterdam at #1.
  • pi: % talent that moves to Amsterdam in comparison to other cities. Amsterdam at #1.