Europe’s largest and best startup and tech event held in Amsterdam, adopting an effective approach using cross-overs and collaborating with e.g. The Next Web, Dutch Open Hackathon and the Amsterdam Maker Festival.

Aim: rethinking with regards to international offering:

  • Driven by demand, not by supply (multinationals and users share their business cases and requirements).
  • Not (only) at events, but also at multinationals themselves.
  • Position Amsterdam as a test bed instead of event location.
  • Crossover sectors open their doors and take the role of launching customers.
  • Instead of entrance tickets, LaunchPad seats can be earned through making a contribution.
  • Grand finale is the Dutch Open Hackathon.


e.g. Amsterdam LaunchPad Summit

A festival unlike any other. Startups don’t meet backstage after the keynotes; they are the keynotes. It’s startups that take centre stage.

Everything is geared to Amsterdam as a test bed and launch pad. Amsterdam is the world in miniature.

Creativity and link to city marketing. The idea is not to compete with other summits and festivals, but to take a different approach.

Involve European and global tech hubs with the event.


Increased visibility and positioning Amsterdam as a gateway with an attractive business climate

Relevant performance indicators:

  • pi: % international startups choose Amsterdam (of the total that establish operations in Europe). Amsterdam at #1.
  • pi: % talent that moves to Amsterdam in comparison to other cities. Amsterdam at #1.
  • pi: % EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam compared to other European cities. Amsterdam at #1.
  • pi: # influential, relevant events held in the Netherlands (at least two in top ten).