Ensure that coding (and other skills relevant to startups) become as commonplace at primary schools, middle schools and universities as maths and languages. (Coding is the translation of actions into computer language, instructing the computer to perform the action). Neelie Kroes praised the UK Government for adding coding to the curriculum but said: “Entrepreneurship, please put it in the curriculum. If you put them together there’s a real opportunity to solve the problem of youth unemployment.”


Place on the agenda, support events, startups and initiatives. Policy regarding a quota of coding lessons. Participate in European and international initiatives such as EUcoding Week and Hour of Code.

Corporate partners: NEMO (in regards to funding from Google), Bèta Techniek, Google.

Long-term focus: > five years.


Improve visibility and positioning of Amsterdam as a startup hub

Relevant performance indicators:

  • Young Amsterdam starters develop a stronger ambition than a local or European market. They see themselves as a startup and have international growth ambitions (pi: % starters with international growth ambitions).
  • Startup experts and successful entrepreneurs are keen to share their insights in Amsterdam during events, office hours and boot camps (pi: # influential, relevant events held in the Netherlands).
  • Job growth in the tech and startup sector (pi: # jobs, % job growth in the Amsterdam startup and tech sector compared to other [European] cities).