Ensure that the fragmented Amsterdam startup activities and initiatives are united and visibly concentrated.

Amsterdam is home to a wealth of co-working spaces, incubators, accelerators, programmes, events, workshops and meet-ups associated with technology and entrepreneurship.

However, the above only welcome, serve and/or reach a small percentage of the target group. As a result, it’s not always possible to offer high-quality international programming focusing on subjects that stimulate entrepreneurship and improve the expertise/skills of entrepreneurs. This fragmentation also means that startups aren’t receiving the best level of support and Amsterdam isn’t presenting a clear startup profile to the outside world.  


StartupAmsterdam collaborates with the sector to identify the most significant startup satellite clusters (hubs) in the city.

StartupAmsterdam assists the individual satellites and stakeholders in collaborating on themes and events. We also stimulate and assist the coming together (and even physical clustering) of involved parties.

StartupAmsterdam offers facilities and (event) space.

StartupAmsterdam remains in consultation with the sector regarding the implementation of this measure. The activities that form this measure will be concentrated in identifiable satellite clusters such as BAmsterdam, Open House, Amsterdam Science Park, Tech Embassy and the Marineterrein Amsterdam.


Positioning of Amsterdam as a united and congruent startup ecosystem.