Amsterdam offers visitors a warm citywide welcome, drawing attention to the excellent startup climate and the range of startups and tech activities.

Throughout San Francisco and London, statements, posters, billboards and other advertising showcases the tech and startup climate. 

Examine the best practices and apply them to our situation. For example:

  • A message at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol welcoming startups (from the Mayor/an Alderperson).
  • Green Graffiti signage. 
  • StartupAmsterdam insignia on buildings where startups have their offices.
  • Signage showcasing experiments at living labs and urban labs.

Promotion of this nature should become ritual in the city, constantly reinforcing the message that Amsterdam is the best place in Europe for startups.


Improve visibility and position of Amsterdam as a startup hub.

Relevant performance indicators:

  • International talent with specific (startup-related) expertise is drawn to Amsterdam to take up positions at startups (pi: % talent that moves to Amsterdam in comparison to other cities).