Connecting "old" capital with startups and early & midstage funds.

Dutch capital (i.e. pension funds, private funds, etc.) is rarely invested in startups (in their early stage and A/B series phase). A large proportion of pension-fund investment managers are still unaware of the opportunities inherent in startups and risk management means that investment in startups is rarely considered.

This measure is focused on uniting the startup and investment worlds. Unknown, unloved, as the old saying goes. And this is where StartupAmsterdam plans to make a difference.

StartupAmsterdam will organise a range of activities and initiatives, for example:

  • Startup capital events (to attract leading venture capitalists to speak in the Netherlands).
  • Demo Day at at the Mayor’s official residence (ten pitches by rapidly growing startups, attended by the Mayor and directors of institutional investment firms).
  • Founders and fund managers meet-up dinner (uniting institutional investors with managers of startup funds and a selection of rapidly-growing startups).
  • Events to connect international capital with the Amsterdam startup sector.


Increased availability of growth capital.

Relevant performance indicators:

  • Seed and venture capital is attracted to Amsterdam and becomes part of syndicates and startup funds (pi: available early and mid-stage growth capital, # of startup funds).