StartupAmsterdam assists startups in their search for personnel by helping them to place intelligent, focused job advertisements. These would be advertisements for active start-up positions and/or assignments for Amsterdam startups, places at/on relevant international academic institutions, tech blogs, startup listings etc.

The measure has two primary objectives: 1) brand Amsterdam as a startup hub that is home to rapidly growing startups constantly on the lookout for new people; 2) help startups to quickly find competent personnel to allow them to accelerate growth.


“Startups move faster in Amsterdam”

Name of campaign: Jobs@StartupAmsterdam


Targeted online campaigns via various channels. StartupAmsterdam provides a resource enabling startups to ensure their job advertisements are seen internationally.

Placement: at/on (selected international) academic institutions, co-working spaces, incubators, job boards etc. It’s a fixed format that showcases Amsterdam as a startup ecosystem, as well as the startup itself. The measure needs to dovetail with current activities as part of Amsterdam Works.

There will also be an annual speed-dating event for startups.


Improved amount & quality of talent.

Relevant performance indicators:

  • pi: % talent that moves to Amsterdam in comparison to other cities. Amsterdam at #1.
  • pi: # jobs, % job growth in the Amsterdam startup and tech sector compared to other (European) cities. Amsterdam at #1.