Opportunity not problem

The founders of the B. Startup School Amsterdam (BSSA) saw an opportunity where others saw a problem. While startups are in need of talented staff, rates of higher educated unemployed twenty-somethings were rising. By educating these young people with startup-specific skills, BSSA makes sure that a lack of talent doesn’t slow down the growth of Dutch startups and simultaneously helps solve unemployment rates. In January, the B. Startup School Amsterdam opened its doors with a first batch of a hundred students (check out some student portfolios).

The programme

During a three-month training, students learn the essential skills they need to start working at a startup or even start their own business. Skills like coding, experience design, growth hacking and content creation are taught by renowned training institutions like Hyper Island, New York Code + Design Academy, Le Wagon, The App Academy, The Talent Institute and De Upstarter. Following their course, students start a six-month traineeship at a young company during which they bring their newly acquired skills to practice.

Happy employers

Employers of the first batch of BSSA trainees are enthusiastic, to say the least. Floris van Hoogenhuyze from Barqo –a boat sharing platform– responded when asked about their BSSA-trainee: ‘We are so happy with the quality and enthusiasm of our trainee. I would recommend this programme to anyone looking for trainees who go the extra mile.’ Ines Danzinger from Innoleaps –an innovator and accelerator for corporates- feels the same way about their trainee: 'He is one of the most independent, pro-active and creative persons I’ve worked with. After only a very brief explanation of our project, he had three high-quality deliverables ready that same day. This pushed us forward immediately.’

Startup looking for talent?

In April 2016, the second batch of students starts their training. It is possible to recruit students from the first programme as well. BSSA regularly hosts matching events on Tuesdays where possible future employers and BSSA students can meet each other. If you’re looking for talent and are interested in working with one of BSSA’s students, fill out the form or send an email. BSSA will get back to you with more information.

B. Startup School Amsterdam is a collaboration of B. Amsterdam, Manpower, StartupAmsterdam and the Amsterdam Economic Board.