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Open Mind Sharp Business

To help you effectively communicate the benefits of Amsterdam Metropolitan Area for businesses, we have developed a toolkit of helpful resources and materials.

Open Mind Sharp Business

The term ‘open mind sharp business’ refers to the correlation between the mentality and business climate of the Amsterdam region. ‘Open mind’ refers to the region’s diversity, inclusiveness, quality of life and openness to new ideas. ‘Sharp business’ emphasises innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to get business done swiftly.

Why invest in Amsterdam

There are countless reasons to invest in Amsterdam, but the main advantages can be broken down into four key areas:


Often referred to as the gateway to Europe, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is incredibly well-connected by land, water and air, gaining you full access to a vast European market. But the city is connected in other ways, too: digitally, as a thriving tech hub and home to the largest data transport hub in the world, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX); and socially - thanks to the city’s compact size, open-minded attitude and 'Triple Helix' structure that fosters interaction and collaboration between businesses, knowledge institutions and government at every level. And with a multi-lingual population (of which more than 90% speak English), it's easy to connect and work with almost everybody.

Business ecosystem

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a hotbed of business opportunities. From startups and scale-ups to global corporations, the Dutch capital's business community is connected and cooperative at all levels – fuelled by a readily available multilingual workforce. Throughout the city, fresh and disruptive ideas are encouraged, nurtured and then scaled into real international businesses. Encouraging this growth, the city is home to an impressive ecosystem of accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces and high-ranking knowledge institutions. Of course, the region is making a name for itself as a scientific and knowledge leader, too –  thanks to cutting-edge creative and strategic collaborations across a range of sectors, including life sciences, data science, gaming and fashion.


Amsterdam is an anomaly: nowhere else can such a quaint village-like charm be combined with the cosmopolitan vibe and exciting cultural life of a European capital – something that is further enhanced by the city's multicultural population of no less than 180 different nationalities.  And everywhere within the city is easily reachable by bike, while its relatively small size means that you don't have to venture too far to reach the countryside, coast and other outer-city attractions. The Netherlands' political stability means that it an attractive option for individuals and investors alike, while Amsterdam’s famous open-mindedness permeates every aspect of life here, making for a supportive community where freedom of speech is upheld and ideas can be discussed and tested in an open and inclusive environment. 

Value for money

Amsterdam is considerably more competitive than other cities when it comes to costs for office space, labour, utility & transportation, and effective corporate tax rates. KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2016 report ranks the Netherlands as Europe's most cost competitive market for business. 

Amsterdam business marketing toolkit

To help you tell the story of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, we have developed a PDF presentation. This may be used to present the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area's business proposition. Additionally, you can also find bios here of management executives from international and Dutch companies, startup founders, government officials and renowned research institutions in the area. Furthermore, visit our publications page to find out what media outlets such as Forbes Magazine or The Financial Times think about the Dutch capital. If you have any further needs, questions or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected].

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