Open Mind Sharp Business

To help you effectively communicate the benefits of Amsterdam Metropolitan Area for businesses, we have developed a toolkit of helpful resources and materials.

Open Mind Sharp Business

The term ‘open mind sharp business’ refers to the correlation between the mentality and business climate of the Amsterdam region. ‘Open mind’ refers to the region’s diversity, inclusiveness, quality of life and openness to new ideas. ‘Sharp business’ emphasises innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to get business done swiftly.

Why invest in Amsterdam

There are countless reasons to invest in Amsterdam, but the main advantages can be broken down into five key areas:

Business ecosystem

Amsterdam’s business ecosystem is a hotbed of opportunities for startups, scale-ups and global corporations. Learn more about the city's business ecosystem


Being part of the network in Amsterdam adds considerable financial value for both talent and businesses. Find out more about Amsterdam's cost-effectiveness

Life in Amsterdam

Thanks to its great work-life balance, cultural agenda and more, Amsterdam is a wonderful place to live and work. Get the lowdown on life in Amsterdam


Logistically, digitally and socially, Amsterdam is extremely well-connected, giving the city a competitive edge. Read more about Amsterdam's connectivity

Access to talent

The presence of highly skilled talent is one of the main reasons why so many companies choose Amsterdam. Learn more about the city's access to talent. 

Amsterdam business marketing toolkit

You can find bios here of management executives from international and Dutch companies, startup founders, government officials and renowned research institutions in the area. Furthermore, visit our publications page to find out what media outlets such as Forbes Magazine or the Financial Times think about the Dutch capital. If you have any further needs, questions or suggestions, please contact us at