Gateway to Europe

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a renowned hub for people, goods, capital and services. An increasing number of Korean operators are making the most of this central location to connect with the 500 million potential customers in the European marketplace. Facilities such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Port of Amsterdam mean both people and goods have superb access in and out of the region. 


The Amsterdam Area is home to a huge amount of talented personnel. Eighty percent of the workforce speaks English, making Amsterdam the largest anglophone city in continental Europe. Ninety percent of the workforce speaks two or more languages. The fact that Amsterdam is home to some 180 different nationalities makes it especially easy for internationals to feel at home here.

A great place for South Korean expats to live

There are many facilities that help South Korean expats feel instantly at home in the Amsterdam Area. There is a dedicated Korean school, as well as other renowned international schools, Korean restaurants and three Korean churches. There are also frequent business and expat networking events, organised in collaboration with KOTRA .

There is also a 30% ruling for expats: tax-free reimbursement of 30% of an employee’s salary, provided that the employee has been recruited or assigned from abroad and has specific expertise which is scarce in the present Dutch labour market.

Find more about the historical ties between Amsterdam and Korea in this book or download the PDF here (in Korean only). This edition is in collaboration between the City Archive Amsterdam, amsterdam inbusiness and Amsterdam Marketing, copyright 2012.

@Home Magazine in Korean for those wanting to find out more about living in Amsterdam.