Who is here?

Find out why and join successful Chinese companies such as ICBCCCB, Hanergy, Tencent, Liugong Machinery, China Southern Airlines and Lenovo and many others that are already thriving here.

Gateway to Europe

With a GDP per capita among the highest in the world and excellent international trade routes (e.g. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Port of Amsterdam) providing Chinese companies access to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and beyond, the Amsterdam Area lets you tap into the most attractive worldwide customer markets. Strategic location and excellent (digital) infrastructure are just two of the characteristics contributing to the attractiveness of the area.


The Amsterdam Area is home to a huge amount of talented personnel. Eighty percent of the workforce speaks English, making Amsterdam the largest anglophone city in continental Europe. Ninety percent of the workforce speaks two or more languages.

Accommodating Chinese expats in Amsterdam

There are many facilities that help Chinese expats feel instantly at home here – the presence of a Chinese school is just one key example. Discover much more information about all our services for the Chinese community on our Chinese website.

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