Strategic location

Boasting one of the world's highest concentrations of international companiesapproximately 3,600 – the Amsterdam Area acts as an attractive test market and gateway to one of the largest single markets in the world, with a population of almost 500 million peopleAmsterdam Airport Schiphol is centrally located, which means a mere two hours flying time to all crucial business destinations within Europe. Connections to several large Brazilian cities are excellent, with several weekly direct flights to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Fortaleza. In addition, thanks to a strategic partnership between GOL and Air France-KLM, both airline networks are organised to provide the best possible connections to the GOL network and its more than 50 destinations.

Home to a talented workforce

More and more talented Brazilians find their way into the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, with hundreds of Brazilian students attending Amsterdam’s top universities. They are part of a much larger community of Brazilians in the Amsterdam Area, which exemplifies the fact that the Amsterdam Area is a magnet for talents from many cultures and nationalities. People from over 180 different nationalities call this city home. As a result, finding excellent employees and ensuring that your business is optimally staffed will present no challenge. 

Digital hub

The Amsterdam Area is a thriving tech hub and the most digitally connected economy in the world, with a global mindset when it comes to developing innovative ICT businesses. 70% of innovation in the Netherlands is ICT-related; the sector has accounted for more than 30% of R&D spending among Dutch business sectors. This places the ICT sector among the strongest innovative sectors in the Netherlands. Some famous ICT innovations are of Dutch origin, for instance Wi-fi, Phyton, a route navigation system and Bluetooth.