Registration with the tax authorities

Once your company is successfully registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK), the details will be automatically passed to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst). Your company will be assigned a VAT registration number (BTW-nummer)

If you represent an international company that is not listed in the Dutch Commercial Register and therefore does not have a permanent establishment, and you perform services on its behalf in the Netherlands, you'll have to register with the Tax and Customs Administration yourself.

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What taxes you pay depend on the size and structure of your company. The most common taxes are:

  • BTW turnover tax/Value Added Tax (VAT) (omzetbelasting)
  • Income tax (inkomstenbelasting)
  • Corporation tax (vennootschapsbelasting)
  • Dutch Dividend Tax (dividendbelasting)
  • National Insurance contributions (volksverzekeringen)
  • Employee Insurance contributions (werknemersverzekeringen)

If you own an international business, you may also have to pay import levies.


There are two types of insurance that concern business owners: personal insurance and business insurance.

  • Personal insurance includes work incapacity and invalidity insurance, accident insurance and pension insurance.
  • Business insurance includes business liability insurance, legal expenses insurance, loss of profits insurance and others. 

An insurance consultant will be able to advise you about what cover suits your business activities and costs.

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It is also recommended to seek out professional financial and administration advice when starting a business.