Registration with the tax authorities

Once your company is successfully registered at the Chamber of Commerce, the details will be passed to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst). Your company will be assigned a VAT registration number (BTW-nummer). Some taxes need to be paid to the government and some to the municipality. They can include:

  • Wage Tax (loonbelasting)
  • Income tax (inkomstenbelasting)
  • National Insurance contributions (volksverzekeringen)
  • Employee Insurance contributions (werknemersverzekeringen)
  • VAT or Value Added Tax (omzetbelasting)

The Belastingdienst website provides information in English on taxation for businesses. It is also recommended to seek out professional financial and administration advice before starting a business.

Insurance and other administrative issues

There are two types of insurance that concern an entrepreneur: personal insurance and business insurance. Personal insurance includes work incapacity and invalidity insurance, accident insurance and pension insurance. Business insurance means business liability insurance, legal expenses insurance, loss of profits insurance and others. It is recommended that you speak to a financial advisor about what cover suits your business activities and costs. Other administrative issues include the setup of invoices (factuurs), establishing the general terms & conditions and handling expenses.

Find detailed information about taxes, payroll and administrative issues in this brochure by the Chamber of Commerce.