A coastal region where industry thrives

The coastal areas of Amsterdam Beach and surroundings are multi-faceted: seaside tourism ventures and cruise facilities meet heavy industry and logistics businesses. The expansive Port of Amsterdam joins the sea at IJmuiden’s harbour and is one of the Netherlands’ largest sea ports in terms of cargo handling. IJmuiden harbour also includes a fishing port – the Netherlands’ biggest – and the Seaport Marina. Nearby are the steelworks of Tata Steel Europe as well as offshore operations, logistics centres and other maritime industry. There are also maritime training facilities. All this is offset by the natural beauty of the North Sea beaches, protected dune areas, tranquil villages such as Heemskerk, Wijk aan Zee and more lively places such as IJmuiden and Zandvoort. In Zandvoort, for example, businesses can do things differently. Creatives and staff can seek inspiration by taking their laptops along to the beach cafés to enjoy an office with an inspirational view, while more traditional companies can host meetings and team sessions.

USPs for business

  • Logistical advantage due to the sea ports
  • Very easy to reach by road and rail from central Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • The towns and beaches north of the North Sea Canal, and IJmuiden and Zandvoort have potential for renewed tourism growth
  • Attractive to talent due to relaxed lifestyle by the sea

How to get there

A direct train operates between Amsterdam Central Station and the coastal city of Zandvoort, taking less than 30 minutes. Other locations in Amsterdam Beach are well-connected by buses from Haarlem – from where there are also fast and direct trains to Amsterdam – and Amsterdam. From IJmuiden, it’s a combination of a bus and a train to Amsterdam as well as a direct bus route or, alternatively, a car journey of a little more than half an hour.

Amsterdam Beach Rob Verhagen

Prevalent industries, including sub-sectors

Logistics businesses and heavy industry are centred around the Port of IJmuiden/Velsen, which has also attracted offshore operations and shipping companies. In addition, the area is home to maritime training facilities. In contrast, seaside towns such as Zandvoort are hubs for tourism and gastronomy. IJmuiden’s Felison Cruise Terminal, Seaport Marina IJmuiden and passenger ferries docking in the fishing port attract international visitors.

Who is here?

Tata Steel Europe’s steelworks can be seen from miles ahead. Nearby, offshore operations include Airborne Oil & Gas and wind turbine builder MHI Vestas Offshore Wind. The Maritieme Academie Holland, one of the oldest maritime training institutes in the Netherlands is in the region, and the Nova College offers a roster of maritime courses too. The headquarters of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM) is located in IJmuiden.

Good for business

The Port of IJmuiden (a part of the greater Port of Amsterdam) offers a considerable logistical advantage to businesses and manufacturers in the region. The area is also very easy to reach from central Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Zandvoort is an example of a town that is open to new initiatives and enterprises that want to take advantage of the beach ‘way of life’.

Attracting talent

The area is hugely attractive to professionals and young families: life on the North Sea Coast makes many residents feel as though they’re on a mini holiday, while Amsterdam and Haarlem are just around the corner. Locations like Zandvoort, Wijk aan Zee and IJmuiden offer a relaxed lifestyle that perfectly balances the bustling cities nearby – weekends can be spent taking part in wind and water sports, swimming, walking or cycling in the coastal dunes and visiting the beachside bars and restaurants nearby. The International School Haarlem, a government-funded school that offers a combination of the IPC and British national curricula (ages 4 to 11, and 12 to 14 from September 2018, with plans to expand further), is easily accessible. European School Bergen in northern Noord-Holland is also accessible by car.

IN Amsterdam’s one-stop-shop registration is available for international newcomers in the municipality of Velsen.