Amsterdam makes renting easy for businesses 

Dutch legislation makes Amsterdam’s local market practice great for businesses. It’s fair, straightforward and logical. Below are some key points:

  • Rental terms: any length; five years is standard, but a break after three years is acceptable.
  • Security deposits: typically three months rent and three months service charges, plus VAT.
  • Renewals: most five-to-ten-year leases have an option to extend by five years.
  • Service charges: range from €30-€60 per square metre.
  • Taxes: low real-estate tax for occupiers (0.2%-0.3% of the value of the building).
  • Breaks: options are negotiable.
  • Escalation: typically indexed annually.
  • Tenant broker: tenant pays.
  • Free rent: common and negotiable.
  • Fit-out: tenant usually pays.
  • Incentives: range from 5% to 40%.
  • Right to sublet: options are negotiable.