Almere, a growing business force

Fifty years ago, the Almere didn’t exist; now, it’s one of the most promising business locations in the Netherlands. There are over 200,000 residents in Almere, and the city has recently made agreements with the government to expand this number to 350,000 by 2030. Almere’s open spaces, its spirit of innovation and its ideal location have attracted many companies, including Yakult Europe, Hair Direct, Inc. and TYC Europe. Most of the city’s companies are in the ICT, life sciences, logistics and commercial sectors. The startup scene is also thriving in the area – for example, startup company ReGen Villages is currently building its first self-sustaining community in Almere.

Key Almere facts and figures

  • Price range (medium to high): €90-€165 a year per square metre
  • Total floor space: 592,000 square metres
  • Vacancy rate: 23.4%
  • Incentive level: 15%-40%