Leaders in sustainable planning 

As thought leaders in their sector, it makes sense that Simply Sustainable would choose Amsterdam as their home base in mainland Europe. The city’s strategic location and leadership in sustainable city planning makes it attractive for like-minded companies to set up shop. In fact, Amsterdam was named 10th most sustainable city worldwide in the 2022 Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index, making it the perfect place to help shape a greener future for Europe.

Growing need for sustainable action

The plans set forth by the European Commission call for countries and businesses alike to take action towards Net Zero emissions and a circular economy. Consultancies like Simply Sustainable are at the forefront of this movement and here to meet the growing demand for businesses to change course. They join the ranks of other sustainable change-makers in Amsterdam, 5 of which were recently awarded REACT-EU funding for their efforts. This expansion will allow them to reach new markets from an internationally connected base. 

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