Sustainable fuels closer to decarbonising industry

Sustainable fuel - cleaner alternatives to fossil-derived fuel - is increasingly used as a way to effectively curb carbon emissions in some of the most polluting industries.

This week, Amsterdam companies in logistics and aviation have taken promising steps toward wide-scale adoption of sustainable fuel with potential to green their industries.

In shipping, two Amsterdam companies joined forces to test the use of biofuels in vessels. 

Shipping company Spliethoff and GoodFuels held a trial in June in which BigLift Baffin was powered by 50% biofuel and 50% conventional HFO (heavy fuel oil). After this success, a trial onboard Flevogracht with 100% biofuel began in December.

A company statement said: “Once these tests have been completed successfully, Spliethoff Group will be able to offer clients the option to use biofuels for certain trades and projects which inherently gives the possibility of emission reduction in logistics.”

In aviation, Dutch airline KLM has announced it will fuel all flights departing from Amsterdam with 0.5% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The fuel blend also means a surcharge for passengers when booking, but KLM hopes that by increasing demand for SAF, it will stimulate the market, and SAF - currently priced four times higher than conventional fuel - will ultimately be cheaper. The move is part of KLM’s aim to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, including an ambition to reach 10% SAF of global jet fuel supply by 2030.

A sustainable future

Logistics and aviation companies in the Amsterdam Area are central to the region’s unrivalled connectivity. For a sustainable future, they are paving the way for more climate-responsible industry standards. Neste, the world's leading producer of sustainable aviation fuel, has set up at Amsterdam Airport City. In addition, several biodiesel plants operate at the Port of Amsterdam. Last year, Dutch company Gidara Energy announced it will open a new plant there, turning non-recyclable waste into advanced biofuel. 

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