Boost to innovative Amsterdam healthtech solution

Amsterdam-based provides innovative tools to improve medical care, powered by artificial intelligence technology. The company’s proposition to reduce post-operative infections was recently endorsed by capital fund LUMO Labs, investing an undisclosed sum into the project.

Innovative tech solutions for post-surgical complications

The new tool from addresses an urgent problem worldwide. Infection poses a serious risk to the 300 million patients who undergo surgery every year. As many as 25% of those patients (75 million people) suffer from infections afterwards, and a third of these (25 million) experience chronic issues as a result.

While traditional diagnosis and treatment can only start after the onset of symptoms, Healthplus instead presents a state-of-the-art method of predicting the probability of infection ahead of time. The Amsterdam company’s platform uses AI and data from digital health records to assess the risk of infection for individual patients, enabling preventative treatment with the potential to avoid further complications.

This innovation has the potential not only to improve healthcare for innumerable patients, but also to heavily reduce costs. Healthplus estimate that the average European hospital spends €35 million each year treating such infections. What’s more, the technology will ultimately also work for other kinds of post-surgical complications, with the potential to improve the lives of a much wider group of patients.

The future of healthcare is digital

The investment from LUMO Labs will help realise Healthplus’s new product – funding the final stages of design, software for market release, certification and clinical trials. Their support emphasises the value of such pioneering innovations in digital healthcare.

“ fits LUMO’s investment focus perfectly,” says Sven Bakkes, LUMO Labs founding partner. “The quality of their work and the extremely high level of relevant expertise throughout the entire team weighed heavily in our investment decision. We are happy to have onboard and look forward to working with them.” 

Besides its potential to transform post-operative healthcare specifically, this investment also signals the increasing recognition of the progress being made in Amsterdam’s fast-growing life sciences and health industry.

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