Amsterdam ranks second in Global Green Finance Index

Amsterdam has placed second in the ninth Global Green Finance Index which assesses 81 finance centres all over the world on their commitment to sustainability.

The Dutch capital ranked second for a consecutive year, but also improved its rating by more than 10 points. London took the top spot, followed by Amsterdam, San Francisco, Stockholm and New York.

The GGFI defines green finance as any financial instrument or financial service – including insurance, equity, bonds, commodity and derivatives trading, analytical or risk management tools – which results in sustainable, positive change for the environment and society. The most basic “greenness” criterion of a company or project is that it contributes to reduce emissions of green house gases, GGFI says.

The index not only highlights finance centres with these expertise, but assists policy makers and investment decision-makers in shaping the financial systems to support sustainability goals.

Amsterdam’s forward-looking finance sector

Amsterdam has a rich history of financial innovation. The world’s first central bank and stock exchange were established here. Today, it's the centre of the Dutch banking sector and a force in fintech, making it one of Europe's leading financial centres.

Increasing numbers of international fintech businesses are coming to Amsterdam, where they join a community of successful homegrown players, including Adyen, MollieOhpen and Bunq. The scene is grounded in a vibrant tech and startup ecosystem which underpins a commitment to sustainability. The City of Amsterdam is the first municipality in the world to adopt the doughnut economic model, where economic growth should not exceed planetary boundaries.

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