A popular destination for highly educated workers

Intelligence Group, an international data and technology company specialising in labour market and recruitment data, has published its first European Talent Intelligence Manual, which provides overviews per country and aims to identify key differences between labour markets worldwide. Over 99.000 respondents were interviewed in 2021 and 2022.

In addition to identifying the differences in purchasing power in countries within Europe and the most important job benefits and pull factors, the group surveyed respondents in Europe about the cities they’d like to work in. More than 600 cities were mentioned, with over 2 million European workers naming Amsterdam as one of their preferred cities to live and work in. Amsterdam was ranked the tenth most popular city globally for European workers. London, New York and Paris make up the top three.

Workers who listed Amsterdam as a preferred workplace account for 6.48% of the internationally mobile European working population, with more than 39% of this group under the age of 35.

In response to the publication of the Talent Intelligence Manual, the CEO of the Intelligence Group, Geert-Jan Waasdorp, said that Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ most important magnet on the international labour market due to Amsterdam’s international and open character and a high percentage of highly educated workers with advanced digital skills.

Forward-looking industries

The majority of those that stated a preference for Amsterdam work in administration (17%), finance (10%) and tech (8%), which chimes with the rapid growth of Amsterdam’s fintech and tech sectors.

The city’s growing tech scene, entrepreneurial outlook and ambitious adoption of new technologies make it an ideal place to start a fintech venture. The Global Fintech Talent Report for 2022 confirms Amsterdam’s strong position as a fintech centre, ranking it as the eighth largest fintech hub in the world, with payments, consumer banking and blockchain dominating the space. Fintech businesses such as Adyen, Mollie and bunq continue to make waves around the world. Global green finance rankings have also found that Amsterdam is among the world’s leading markets for developing solutions that embrace sustainable practices.

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