Climate tech: Overstory

It’s in the nature of startups to offer a product that feels at the cutting edge of current developments, but rarely do they feel as timely as Overstory. Founded in 2018, the startup helps prevent wildfires and power outages by providing real-time intelligence about vegetation. To do this, it combines machine learning with satellite imagery, leveraging the technical advances of both in the process.

Cybersecurity: Hadrian

Cybersecurity is a big topic at the moment and is unlikely to lose relevance any time soon. Built by hackers and using a perhaps unconventional ‘hacker-led’ approach, Hadrian offers a SaaS platform that simulates cyberattacks, using cloud-native technology and machine learning to mimic how a cybercriminal would approach a company or other organisation. The startup has recently closed a deal for €10.5 million in unsolicited seed funding and has offices in Amsterdam and London.

Healthcare: Kepler Vision

AI has enormous potential to support hospitals, care homes and medical professionals with a wide range of applications, from diagnostics to day-to-day care. Kepler Vision is involved with the latter, having developed a system that uses computer vision to monitor patients in care homes and hospitals. Capable of detecting falls, patient discomfort and other problems, the ‘Night Nurse’ programme alerts nursing staff to ensure an immediate response. The company has recently partnered with the Norwegian healthcare tech provider NESK, meaning its system will be deployed in care homes in Norway.

Logistics: Transmetrics

Logistics is an industry in which data can really make a difference, and Transmetrics is one of the businesses to leverage this potential. Utilising predictive analytics and AI and combining this with expertise in transport and logistics, Transmetrics supports companies withlogistics planning and asset management, analysing, modelling and predicting transport flows. The company says the use of its platform can result in significant savings on network operation costs and a reduction in total transportation costs, and it is one of 74 startups selected by the European Commission for funding in grants and investments.

Agritech: Connecterra

Agritech is one of the more intriguing applications of AI, helping farmers and growers overcome some of the unpredictable aspects of their industry. With the tagline ‘Rewiring humankind’s relationship with nature’, Connecterra’s product uses sensors and AI to support dairy farmers in making the transition to sustainable farming.

Legal tech: Uncover

This just-launched startup is the newest addition to the burgeoning legal tech sector. Uncover’s platform provides AI-driven case management support for litigation lawyers, offering automated tools for managing and analysing the documents in their case files.

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