Securing the number-one position that Amsterdam first reached in 2020, the Dutch capital has been recognised in the Open for Business City Rankings 2022. This is the first global measure of economic competitiveness in connection with inclusivity.  

Open for Business is a coalition of international companies that are dedicated to LGBTQ+ inclusivity from a business perspective. The organisation is committed to nurturing inclusivity in their own workplaces and to showing the world that enterprising businesses thrive in diverse societies. 

A commitment to equality

In the report, Amsterdam’s mayor Femke Halsema speaks about the 2020 ranking. “Dedication to inclusion goes hand-in-hand with economic resilience and competitiveness in cities around the world. I am looking forward to continuing to work to ensure that Amsterdam remains inclusive and competitive and is a place where all people can live and work freely and openly.”

Open for Business explains that ‘inclusive, diverse societies are better for business and better for economic growth.’ Amsterdam’s economic dynamism, global connectivity, social inclusion and commitment to sustainability are key factors to have contributed to its ranking.

Download the Open for Business City Ranking report (pdf).

Key findings about LGBTQ+ inclusivity around the world

The report found a clear correlation between wealthier cities and LGBTQ+ inclusivity, stating that ‘cities with strong financial and creative economies have the highest levels of LGBTQ+ inclusion in the world’. It also shows evidence that COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on LGBTQ+ people. It advises cities to focus on a COVID-19 recovery strategy that emphasises supporting these communities.

Progress still to be made

Amsterdam has a proud tradition of upholding social and economic freedoms for marginalised groups including LGBTQ+ communities. However, as with all cities around the world, it must continue to work towards a more diverse and inclusive culture. The report indicates that just 7% of cities received higher ratings in the past year than they did previously, and 28% received lower ones. This was particularly apparent in Central and Eastern Europe and North America.

Make your business proud

Read the Open for Business recommendations to find out how your organisations can better support LGBTQ+ people. These include allocating resources in initiatives that support LGBTQ+ employees, ensuring anti-discrimination policies are in place throughout the supply chain and paying special attention to LGBTQ+ employees on international business assignments.

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